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First launched in Brazil in late 2019 and now available in over 50 countries, Instagram Reels has created a new buzz in the social media marketing space for brands, creators and users alike. This new feature comes with exceptional potential to augment visibility and reach a global audience organically through Instagram, which accounts for over 1 billion active users! With Instagram offering a multitude of features to business owners, it is imperative to know how to grow a business on Instagram. Instagram Reels for small businesses have now become an essential element of a successful social media growth strategy.

What are Instagram Reels?
Instagram Reels is a new content format launched by Facebook in 2020. Similar to Tiktok, ‘Reels’ are 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, text, effects and other creative tools that can be added to the clips! Upon creation, Instagram allows users to share these videos on their stories, feed and even the explore tab.

How are they helpful to small businesses?
Being Instagram’s latest feature, reels hold the potential to reach out to a wide global audience like no other content format at the moment - all organically and devoid of any cost! Mentioned below are the key benefits of including reels in any social media marketing plan -

  • Maximum Organic Reach -
    Reels provide a unique opportunity to accounts of all sizes on Instagram to maximize their organic reach. Not stopping at simply allowing users to share reels directly on their stories and the explore page, Instagram has assigned a prime position to reels on its explore page to optimize its visibility and promote engagement. Moreover, users can also discover reels through dedicated hashtags, songs and effects featured in the videos.

  • Minimal Competition -
    Being a fairly new content format, reels have the maximum organic reach and barely any competition. Since most brands are still in the process of understanding and adapting to reels, now is the best time to make the most of this opportunity by establishing a strong brand presence in one’s industry.

  • Easy To Create -
    Lastly, reels are super easy to create. Instagram provides a number of inbuilt features like setting a timer, adding music and text, adjusting speed, alignment, effects, etc to enhance the 15-second video clip, making it extremely easy for every user to record, edit and share reels.

How to use reels strategically?
Now that we know the benefits that this new Instagram feature provides for a small business, here are a few ways to make use of Instagram reels to create awareness, increase traffic and drive conversions -

1. Creating Value-based Content -
Businesses across industries like travel, fashion, food, service, etc can create and share informational and educational content with their audience using reels. From ‘how-to’ and ‘DIY’ videos to tips and tricks or simply sharing the most recent industry insights, these videos provide valuable information to the audience and encourage them to share the same. Implemented intelligently, reels can prove to be a very useful, indirect marketing channel for upcoming brands and small businesses.

2. Sharing Behind The Scenes Footage -
Next, reels provide an incredible opportunity for businesses to connect with their customer base by sharing their brand story, informal moments and behind-the-scenes video footage. Users do not expect reels to be professionally shot videos and sharing informal and authentic videos showcasing the nuances of running a business helps users gain a deeper understanding of a brand and its core values. This helps to build a strong connection, develop trust and foster meaningful relationships.

3. Showcasing Products In A Unique Way -
Another approach undertaken by many brands, that is yielding them great results, is showcasing their products to customers in a fun, quirky and engaging manner. For example, several clothing brands are creating videos that display models wearing their top-picks and quickly transitioning into the next outfit using reels’ dynamic editing tools, numerous options and a variety of filters. Such videos are instrumental in driving sales-oriented actions!

4. Sharing Product Reviews -
Lastly, reels can also be used to share honest product reviews creatively in the form of user-generated content or influencer testimonials. While informational videos will showcase a business’s expertise in its industry, sharing positive stories from verified sources will further engender the trust of its audience and build the foundation of a seamless customer journey. To learn about some of the key factors that contribute to the success of an influencer outreach program, click here.

That being said, remember that it is not mandatory for brands to generate new content for reels. To start off, brands can repurpose their existing content and present it in the form of short, appealing and easy-to-follow reels. However, it is important to make use of text overlays, hashtags, audio tracks and engaging captions while creating a reel. Going forward, they can implement new ideas and trending reel formats to boost organic reach and drive engagement effectively.

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